Evil Dies Tonight!

Halloween Kills killed the franchise for me. Halloween (2018) was a surprising return to form after so many sequels, remakes, and ignorquels. Like either Halloween II, Halloween Kills picks up on the same long Halloween night. There’s an impressive flashback showing how Michael was arrested that recreates the look of the 1978 film and brings Dr. Loomis back to life. The not quite dead Deputy Hawkins feels guilty about letting him live. I liked the brutal rivalry between Michael Myers and Laurie Strode in the last film, but any minor problems I had are much worse in the sequel.

Jamie Lee Curtis is once again trapped in a hospital for the entire movie. Leaving Judy Greer and Andi Matichak with a more active role as her daughter Karen and granddaughter Allyson. Michael escapes from Laurie’s burning house and kills more people than he ever has before. Some kills are creative and others are over-the-top gruesome. Any tension is ruined by David Gordon Green and Danny McBride leaning into comedy way too much. Characters don’t even feel believable. Victims include an interracial elderly couple playing with a drone, a role reversed black couple, and a stereotypical gay couple.

An angry mob consisting of survivors from Haddonfield aren’t much better. Though Paul Rudd played him in The Curse of Michael Myers, Anthony Michael Hall plays an aggressively unhinged Tommy Doyle constantly chanting “Evil Dies Tonight!” Lindsey, Sheriff Leigh Brackett, and the nurse Marion all return with their original actors. Most of them make dumb decisions like going after a mental patient who clearly isn’t Michael Myers. Michael is confronted by the mob, but at this point nothing can kill the bogeyman. Halloween Kills is a mostly pointless detour that’s often hard to take seriously.

12. Halloween Kills

Michael Myers emerges from the fire

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8 thoughts on “Evil Dies Tonight!

  1. A very middling project. Interesting concept that it takes place immediately after the previous film and that it focuses on the townspeople characters. Yet, it still just feels like a long epilogue to the 2018 film and just isn’t all that interesting, especially since the movie sidelines Curtis’s Laurie.

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  2. I hated this film, I liked Green’s 2018 effort as I thought it was a nice nod and tribute to the Carpenter 1978 original. But he should have stopped there. This one for me was an embarrassment and really did the legacy of the franchise no favors at all., I haven’t even decided if I’ll watch the last Green film that just came out or not. One thing I am betting on through, there will be another film someday down the road.

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