Blue Steel

Zoolander perfected “Blue Steel” for male models everywhere. Ben Stiller directs and stars as the really, really, really ridiculously good looking Derek Zoolander. A character created for the 90’s VH1 Fashion Awards. Zoolander is another quotable early 2000’s comedy that I had high expectations for after avoiding it for years. Though not as funny as I was expecting, Zoolander is intentionally silly since it makes fun of the fashion industry. Derek Zoolander is your average empty-headed self-absorbed male model. Though he does have a heart of gold like his equally dumb roommates who die in a hilarious freak accident.

Derek ponders his purpose outside of modeling by returning home and possibly opening a Center for Kids Who Can’t Read Good. What’s funny is seeing all the early 2000’s celebrities who make Zoolander’s modeling seem legitimate. Actors, singers, models, and even Donald Trump have surprise cameos. Billy Zane and David Bowie have the most memorable appearances as Derek’s friend and a runway judge respectively. Fellow Stiller collaborator Owen Wilson plays enlightened rival male model turned friend Hansel. Stiller’s wife Christine Taylor plays sexy journalist Matilda who uncovers an unexpected conspiracy. Stiller’s father Jerry plays Derek’s agent who reluctantly takes part in the conspiracy.

I had no idea Zoolander was about assassinating the Prime Minister of Malaysia, but it’s just one of many controversies the movie faced. Along with removing the Twin Towers after 9/11. Will Ferrell plays the unhinged fashion designer Mugatu who brainwashes Zoolander using the song “Relax.” David Duchovny shows up to reveal an even more unexpected layer to the conspiracy. Milla Jovovich plays Mugatu’s sexy Russian righthand and Nathan Lee Graham plays his mistreated gay assistant. Zoolander is very un-PC with the modeling industry and most of the time it works.


Derek Zoolander does “Magnum”

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