A Woman to Love

Something’s Gotta Give gives an awful lot. It’s the perfect film for two aging veteran actors. Something’s Gotta Give is another Nancy Meyers movie that my mom recommended for years. She especially loved the beach house. Despite the title, there’s no association with the Marilyn Monroe movie. Something’s Gotta Give is a little ditty ’bout Jack and Diane. Near the end of his career, Jack Nicholson was perfect for a 63 year old man who only dates women under 30. Harry Sanborn owns a hip hop label and does whatever he can to feel young.

Diane Keaton is equally perfect for a 56 year old woman who ended up closed off after a divorce. Erica Barry is a playwright who finds herself in a very unusual situation. Harry’s hot young girlfriend Marin played by Amanda Peet is Erica’s daughter who gives him a heart attack after they fail to make love. Hilarity ensues when Harry ends up needing to recover at Erica’s beach house. Probably the funniest scene is Harry accidentally seeing Erica naked. The PG-13 nude scene goes to show how good Keaton still looked in her old age.

Something’s Gotta Give is all about finding love with someone your own age. It’s refreshing to see older people fall in love and it helps that the characters are played by Oscar winners. Though Keaton was the only one to receive a nomination. Frances McDormand also makes an impression as Erica’s sister who embarasses her. Then there’s Keanu Reeves in a rare romantic comedy role as a much younger doctor who similarly falls for Erica. Sometimes age is just a number, but Something’s Gotta Give proves it’s just as important to act your age.

Something's Gotta Give

Harry and Erica’s pajama party is interrupted

2 thoughts on “A Woman to Love

  1. My Mom rented this on VHS back in the day and we all watched it. I remember thinking it was all right, but it’s definitely a chick flick. That it shows an older couple falling for each other is a nice change of pace. You can never go wrong with Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton though.

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    1. Such a great acting duo. I know it’s a chick flick, but I do enjoy watching them from time to time. It’s funny you mentioned your mom, because this review is actually a present for my mom’s Birthday.


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