Must Have Toy

8-Bit Christmas is A Christmas Story for the modern age. It’s way more 80’s than the 1983 Christmas classic. Though I wouldn’t call it an instant classic, it is refreshing to see a genuinely good newer Christmas movie. 8-Bit Christmas is currently the only HBO Max original film I’ve seen. Though it was released on Thanksgiving day, my brother and I decided to watch it on Christmas day. Since 80’s nostalgia is still a thing, Jake Doyle desperately wants a Nintendo Entertainment System for Christmas.

A straight for pay Neil Patrick Harris plays an older Jake who tells the story to his cell phone obsessed daughter. Child star Winslow Fegley is a likable kid with an equally likeable circle of friends. There’s his best friend, bickering twins, the kid with allergies, a kid who lies a lot, the weird kid, and one of those big dumb bullies. They all want a Nintendo, but the local rich kid is the only one who has one. Jake’s parents are June Diane Raphael as his multitasking mom and Steve Zahn as another excitable hard working dad.

Meanwhile, his little sister desperately wants a Cabbage Patch Kid. David Cross is the only other well known actor who drops in as a black market toy dealer. Much likeย A Christmas Story, Jake goes to great lengths trying to get a Nintendo. From outright asking his parents to trying to win it as a prize to creating an elaborate scheme with his friends. While at the same time dealing with other relatable problems. 8-Bit Christmas is hilarious and surprisingly emotional with a sweet last minute message about family.

8-Bit Christmas

Jake loses his Nintendo

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