Meet the Kids

Little Fockers is too little too late. Meet the Fockers wasn’t universally loved like Meet the Parents, but at least it was a logical follow up. Little Fockers struggles to find a reason to exist aside from the popularity of the franchise. Although the title was foreshadowed a few times whenever someone mentioned Greg and Pam having little Fockers of their own. Despite the 6 year gap, Little Fockers was a financial success, but it does have a lousy 9% on Rotten Tomatoes. You’d be surprised how unfunny the concept can get in the wrong hands. Paul Weitz replaces the original director and Randy Newman doesn’t return as composer. All that’s left is the all-star cast that needed extra pay just to return. Specifically Ben Stiller, Robert De Niro, and Dustin Hoffman.

Little Fockers isn’t a repeat of what came before, but that just makes the story even less focused. Greg and Pam have a twin son and daughter named Henry and Samantha. Samantha refuses to talk to her dad and Henry is obsessed with lizards, but the title is misleading. The most we get of them is a birthday party and Greg scouting out a prestigious school with Jack’s help. Hoffman is almost completely absent with Bernie flamingo dancing in Spain. Barbra Streisand has a smaller Razzie nominated appearance with Roz as a sex talk show host. Dina continues trying to spice up her marriage and Pam deals with Greg being away. The entire plot of Meet the Parents in undermind when Dr. Bob divorces Pam’s sister off-screen. Leading to an extremely forced subplot where Jack wants Greg to be “The Godfocker” after having a heart attack. The less said about the ballpit Jaws scene the better.

Jinx is barely in the movie, but Owen Wilson is given a bigger role as Kevin. He’s an annoying presence who adds unwanted tension between Greg and Pam. More celebrities can’t save a weak script. Laura Dern and Harvey Keitel are wasted in fleeting appearances. Kevin Hart plays a male nurse in another one of his before he was famous supporting roles. Although the most unexpected cameos are from voice actor John DiMaggio and Jordan Peele in his first movie appearance. Jessica Alba won a much deserved Razzie playing sexy nurse Andi Garcia who acts like a teenager while coming onto Greg. They sell sex drugs in one of several failed attempts to have conflict. The CIA surveillance ending is replaced by a cringy YouTube remix. Little Fockers is a focking embarassment.

Little Fockers

The twins at the dinner table

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4 thoughts on “Meet the Kids

  1. I remember them advertising Little Fockers very well, it seemed OK at the time. My folks and I never ended up watching it in the end, and from the sounds of your review we didn’t miss much. It’s a shame though as the majority of the fan favorites did come back.

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