The Baddest One-Chick Hit-Squad that ever Hit Town!

Coffy is the original Foxy Brown. As blaxploitation began to take off in the early 70’s, Pam Grier became one of the first strong black women to headline her own action movie. Complete with groovy soundtrack. Director Jack Hill worked with Grier 2 separate times in “women in prison” movies. Coffy is a one woman war of drugs. Flower Child Coffin is just a nurse who ends up targeting a drug ring when her sister ends up addicted to cocaine.

She fights the system, but at least one cop played by William Elliot is on her side. Coffy uses her femininity as a weapon by posing as a prostitute in order to get closer to suppliers. Everyone’s thirsty for Coffy since Pam Grier is easily one of the hottest stars at the time. She has so many nude scenes, but just about every woman is naked or topless whether it makes sense or not.

She gets close to a corrupt congressman played by Booker Bradshaw and an eccentric pimp played by Robert DoQui, but it’s Allan Arbus as a sick mob boss who nearly ends her crusade. Coffy doesn’t go too far, but Sid Haig is probably the most depraved as a henchman who lynches the pimp with a car. It makes Coffy shooting up drug pushers with a shotgun more satisfying to watch. Since a sequel titled Burn Coffy Burn wasn’t profitable at the time, Foxy Brown was made instead. Although I saw Foxy Brown first (see that review here), Coffy deserves most of the credit for changing the game.


Coffy takes aim

4 thoughts on “The Baddest One-Chick Hit-Squad that ever Hit Town!

  1. Pam Grier is one sexy lady, she combined beauty and badass really well. A tough woman taking out the baddies with a shotgun, what more can you ask for. In High School I didn’t care much for Coffy, but the ensuing years have given me a better appreciation for it, and for Foxy Brown too. In the end I was like ‘how could I not see what a fine woman and actress Pam Grier was back then’. I forget if I saw this on IMDb trivia or an interview Jack Hill did, but he did say that Coffy was written as a generic character with no real specifics and that when Pam Grier auditioned, he knew she was Coffy.

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