Now with Men!

The Opposite Sex is The Women with men. The play and original movie adaptation were both unique for featuring a cast of only women. The Opposite Sex is a 1956 remake that completely undermines the original by showing every previously unseen male character. The ridiculous excuse of the studio was thinking audiences wouldn’t accept a world without men or a romance without a partner. Even though it worked perfectly fine in 1939. The Opposite Sex feels lazy by comparison. Although it is a competently made musical that earned a Golden Globe nomination for Best Musical or Comedy. The songs would be fine on their own, but they’re kind of pointless in the context of the story.

The difference was changing Mary Haines into a former singer named Kay Hilliard. June Allyson was a singer, but one of her songs was dubbed by Jo Ann Greer. A young Leslie Nielsen shows his face as Kay’s husband Steven who is now a producer. Joan Collins is just as conniving as the man stealing Crystal Allen who is now a showgirl. Dolores Gray is also good as the troublemaking Sylvia, but this time she’s the one with cowboy Buck Winston played by Seven Brides for Seven Brothers star Jeff Richards.

Since Joan Blondell’s Edith is the pregnant woman, Agnes Moorehead as the Countess and Ann Miller as a renamed Gloria Dell are Kay’s only friends from the ranch. Charlotte Greenwood was also well cast as the motherly rancher Lucy from Reno. Barbara Jo Allen is the only actress who plays a part in both adaptations. For some reason Kay’s wise mother is replaced by a playwright friend named Amanda played well enough by Ann Sheridan. Kay’s daughter now named Debbie doesn’t have much time to shine, but she does play a crucial role in her mother getting back together with her father. The Opposite Sex may miss the point of the source material, but the story is still there.

The Opposite Sex

The women in their dressing room

Remake of: The Women

4 thoughts on “Now with Men!

  1. Thanks for introducing me to this movie, which I was unaware of. Interesting – do you think there could be a modern day remake of this? If so, what would need to change?

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  2. Never knew they did a remake in the 50s of The Women until today, I was more familiar with the 2008 version. The cast looks good, but I agree fully that the story loses something when you add the male characters into the mix.

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