Where do Babies Come from?

Storks is not the bundle of joy I was hoping for. Warner Bros. Animation hadn’t made a theatrical animated movie in over a decade. Storks is the only original movie that the newly formed Warner Animation Group produced between the success of The LEGO Movie and its spin-offs. I had no desire to see it in theaters, because it looked generic. The animation technically looks good, but it was actually Sony that did it. My parents never told me I was delivered by a stork, but I know this is just an innocent fantasy. Even though the co-director Nicholas Stoller is known for raunchy R rated comedies. Like most non-Disney animated movies, Storks is also co-directed by former Pixar animator Doug Sweetland.

The combination feels like an extended version of the Pixar short Partly Cloudy with Looney Tunes style slapstick and cringy SNL humor. Andy Samberg is hit or miss as the lead stork Junior who desperately wants a promotion. The storks have a basic design except for their creepy human teeth. Storks used to deliver babies using letters in a machine that makes babies, but they now use their resources to deliver packages for Cornerstore.com. Kelsey Grammer is a generic evil boss, but Stephen Kramer Glickman is super annoying as a pigeon toady who talks like a surfer bro for no reason. Voice actress Katie Crown voices an eccentric 18 year old human named Tulip who ended up being the last undelivered baby. Danny Trejo voices the stork that grew attached to her.

Tulip joins Junior in an adventure when they accidentally create a new pink haired baby. I’m surprisingly bothered by the fact that some babies have colorful hair and some don’t. A human subplot involving the boy who asked for the baby and his parents voiced by Jennifer Aniston and Ty Burrell is also very generic. Storks constantly flying into windows made me chuckle, but the only thing that really made me laugh was a pack of wolves that create vehicles with their bodies. Of course Key & Peele voice the alpha and beta wolf. As much as I love babies, the ending that acknowledged all kinds of families wasn’t enough to win me over. Although I’ve warmed up to Storks, it’s not the right package for me.


Junior plays with the baby

2 thoughts on “Where do Babies Come from?

  1. I remember Storks. I thought at the time making a film about the age old answer kids got to how they came to their parents was a pretty interesting idea, but that it came and went after hitting theaters had me forgetting about it. Sounds like it has a few redeemable qualities at least.

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