Pray on It

Chances are, you’ve never heard of War Room. War Room is a christian drama about a mother/ wife who starts praying for her husband. I’ve mentioned numerous times that I’m a christian. And as such, I feel it’s necessary to watch a christian movie every once and awhile. So does that mean I instantly love the movie. Well yes and no. Any movie that brings awareness to christian values is alright by me. Although, I only wish it was done better as a movie. The acting is best described as “beginner.” Most of the actors in the movie aren’t what you’d call traditional actors. I don’t normally use the word preachy, but yeah, War Room is preachy. It felt more like listening to a sermon than watching a movie. I think I’d recommend that you go to church more than I’d recommend watching the movie.

Alien Annoyance

My Favorite Martian is a bad movie. The jokes are lame, the effects are cheesy, and it’s often juvenile. But gosh darnit, I still like it. Like many movies of my childhood (see Wild Wild West review) it’s difficult to hate. My brother has pretty much turned his back on it though. Me other the other hand, not that simple. I never watched the TV show, but it didn’t seem necessary back then. My Favorite Martian was a movie that my brother and I watched numerous times. It’s not the worst movie ever made. There are some good moments. Like the ice cream scene for example. In conclusion, see My Favorite Martian with a glimmer of innocence and it may not seem so bad.

In Your Eyes

Say Anything… is the kinda movie that I only know about because of one scene. The famous boombox as a grand romantic gesture scene. Other than that, I had no idea what the movie was about. However, I decided to watch it when my mom said how good it was. Say Anything… is actually about two very different people falling in love. A down on his luck guy who loves kickboxing (sport of the future) falls in love with a straight A goody two-shoes. It’s a teen movie, so expect a lot of random teen struggles. I also wasn’t entirely familiar with John Cusack before I saw the movie. Probably the most relatable thing about the movie is the main character’s relationship with women. I myself can relate to hanging out with girls more than hanging out with guys. It gives you a deeper understanding of the opposite sex. All these reasons and more are why Say Anything… is worth watching. I’ll literally say anything.

Don’t Run With Scissors

Edward Scissorhands is Tim Burton’s best film and character. For a while I even considered it among my “Top 10 Favorite Movies.” Only because I saw it recently and remembered how much I loved  it. Edward Scissorhands has Tim Burton written all over it. It’s darkly creative and stars an outcast. It’s also the movie that cemented Johnny Depp’s career of playing a weirdo in weird makeup. As well as the movie where former nerd Anthony Michael Hall changed his career. Edward Scissorhands is a dark fairytale about a man with scissors for hands. One of the residents of his towns discovers him and decides to take him into town. Edward is probably the most sympathetic character I’ve ever seen. He doesn’t say much, but I truly feel his pain. Luckily, there’s plenty of humor to balance things out, and a beautiful romance too. The ending is bittersweet, but understandable. Edward Scissorhands is my highest recommendation so far. Not just for goths.

Gitchy Gitchy Ya Ya

Moulin Rouge! is probably the weirdest movie to have ever been nominated for “Best Picture.” Like many other movies of the early 2000’s, I saw the preview a lot on vhs. Though I never really knew what Moulin Rouge! was. I just knew the trailer word for word. So I always kept the movie in mind. When I finally did see the movie, I thought it was bizarre. Bizarre because hearing a selection of old and new songs sung in the early 20th century is bizarre. This is what you’d call a Jukebox musical. Now, I like any excuse to sing, and Moulin Rouge! gets the job done. Though I don’t think the movie warranted a “Best Picture” nomination. Not that I didn’t like the movie. It’s more of a guilty pleasure. The production design is grand, the romance is engaging, and it’s so off the wall that it’s funny. So take a trip to the Moulin Rouge! This story is about love.

Cruel Irony

The Crow is one of the darkest superhero movies of all time. Much like Twilight Zone: The Movie, it’s also known for a tragic on set tragedy. The difference being that this tragedy happened to the star of the movie. Brandon Lee (son of Bruce Lee) was killed when a bullet was accidentally lodged in a blank gun. It’s ironic because The Crow centers around a man who dies and comes back to life as the titular superhero. The Crow is another comic book character that arrived in what I call the dark age of superhero films. I haven’t seen any of the sequels, but I don’t get why they were made in the first place. The Crow itself might have been completely forgotten if not for the tragedy. The final result however, is a well crafted piece of dark fantasy that isn’t afraid to get dark. A movie that Brandon Lee might have been proud to call his final film.

You’re Traveling through Another Dimension

Twilight Zone: The Movie, such lost potential. The Twilight Zone is one of my favorite TV shows. I watch the marathon every News Years or 4th of July. Although just select classic episodes. If I was alive in the 80’s then I would have been thrilled to see a Twilight Zone movie. Unfortunately, Twilight Zone: The Movie will forever be associated with the worst tragedy in the history of filmmaking. Look it up if you don’t know what I’m talking about. It could have been avoided, but the director John Landis was too reckless. Still, it’s a movie, and as such I have to watch it without thinking about what happened behind the scenes. There are five separate segments in the movie that I can only review separately.

Prologue – The prologue is the perfect combination of random and creepy. Which perfectly sums up the show. Dan Aykroyd and Albert Brooks play two men driving at night. They play a game of guess that theme song which ends with The Twilight Zone theme song. I’d say it’s well done for an opener.

“Time Out” – “Time Out” is the infamous segment in which the on set tragedy happened. It’s also the only segment that isn’t a remake of an episode. It’s about an old racist man who gets thrust into various points in history. Where he is the oppressed minority. The lesson is clear and the story is interesting. It just ends abruptly. Which hurts the quality of the segment.

“Kick the Can” – “Kick the Can” feels like the most out of place segment. Steven Spielberg directs with his signature brand of whimsy. Which just feels out of place in this movie. Plus “Kick the Can” is an episode that I only watched once and it’s definitely not a classic. Which makes the segment kinda boring and unmemorable. Old people become young, that’s it.

“It’s a Good Life” – “It’s a Good Life” is one of two segments that are the best in the movie. For one thing it’s based on one of the all time best episodes of the series. Joe Dante just does things in a different way. Anthony (the kid with powers) is more of a modern kid who loves things like junk food and cartoons. It’s creepy in a way that feels the most like the classic show. Making it one of the better segments.

“Nightmare at 20,000 Feet” – “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet” is often considered among the top 3 best episodes of the series. This remake is nowhere near as good as the episode, but it’s still one of the better segments in this movie. George Miller brings his over the top Mad Max style to this tale of a gremlin messing with an airplane. Surreal is probably the best word to describe it.

In conclusion, if you can separate fact from fiction than I’d say Twilight Zone: The Movie is worth checking out. Just don’t expect a masterpiece like the TV show was.

I’m Dadman

Happy Father’s Day everyone. In honor of fathers everywhere, I thought I’d review Mr. Mom. Before Michael Keaton was Batman he was Mr. Mom. The story of a working man and his stay at home wife. Everything changes when he loses his job and she gains a job. While Mr. Mom seems like a normal premise, to have a mother with a job and a father staying at home with the kids. Back then it was almost unheard of. Of course the dad has a difficult time adjusting to the current situation. He finds a way to do it in his own fatherly way. Mr. Mom is funny, but also relatable. I myself went through a similar situation. My mom worked at a hotel for about 3 years. My dad was the one who looked after us for most of the day. It wasn’t always easy, but my dad knew what he was doing. Movies like Mr. Mom show me just how important dads are.

City of Stars

La La Land is the musical I’ve been waiting for. A musical with terrific songs, stellar acting, and amazing visuals. After the less than worthy Chicago won “Best Picture,” I couldn’t be happier that La La Land won. Wait, it didn’t win… crap! I didn’t see Moonlight yet, but I’ll continue to think that La La Land should have won. Right from the start I could tell that La La Land was something special. It pays tribute to the beloved musicals of yesteryear. They just don’t make movies like this anymore. La La Land is about the movies (and jazz) and how hard it is to make it in Hollywood. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling once again play lovers. Both of which are trying to aspire to there own individual dreams. The only problem is, can they achieve their dreams and stay together. I absolutely love musicals and every song in La La Land is a winner. I’m definitely going to watch it again and again just to sing-along. I honestly cannot say enough good things about La La Land. It will always be a winner to me. As long as I heard the words “Best Picture” and La La Land together, I’m happy.

Alright, Alright, Alright

Dazed and Confused puts the high in high school. It’s another one of many teen movies that aren’t really about anything. Dazed and Confused is set in the 70’s near the end of high school. There’s an ensemble cast that has their own individual teen problems to deal with. Probably the most impressive thing about the movie is the look. It genuinely tricked me into thinking it was made in the 70’s. The fact that there are a lot of before they were famous actors in it is what reminded me it was 90’s. The most well remembered thing about the movie is Matthew Mcconaughey. Dazed and Confused is where he coined his famous catchphrase “alright, alright, alright.” So add it to your list of teen movies to watch.