Come Out to Play!

The Warriors is such an unusual movie. It came out in the 70’s and takes place entirely in one night. The most unusual thing about it is the story. Several gangs hold a secret meeting to declare peace amongst their respective gangs. After the death of their leader, a gang called the warriors is blamed and hunted by every gang in the city. Each gang is unique, and only gets more and more odd as the movie goes on. The Warriors is a lot of fun to watch for its action and sense of danger. It also has an extremely annoying villain (he’s the one responsible for the famous taunt: “Warriors! Come out to play!”). So give it a watch, “Can you dig it!”

Super Suit Shenanigans

Star Kid is perhaps the weirdest movie from my childhood. The kid from Jurassic Park encounters a living alien mech suit and starts using it around his neighborhood. I think its premise is similar to some anime I’ve never heard of. Anyway, like I said, the movie is pretty weird. But like most movies from my childhood, Star Kid was a prominent member of my Vhs collection. I even remember the tape’s sleeve used to have a hologram. Star Kid is pretty harmless as far as sci fi action movies go. A little cheesy, but not without its fair share of good jokes. So I’d recommend Star Kid if you’ve never seen or heard of it before.

Moon River

Breakfast at Tiffany’s is the classic story of love between two drifters off to see the world. The incomparable Audrey Hepburn plays Holly Golightly. An eccentric young extrovert with an affinity for looking in the Tiffany’s window at breakfast time. The main theme explored in the movie is whether or not people can belong to each other. A point which I feel makes the movie timeless. Holly Golightly is an iconic character for many reasons. Her appearance of a figure hugging black dress, elbow high gloves, and an extra long cigarette holder is synonymous with cinema. Breakfast at Tiffany’s is practically perfect, right down to the cat named cat. The only problem is (and it’s hard to ignore) the portrayal of Mickey Rooney as an asian man. That’s bad enough, but they take it a step further by making him the most stereotypical asian man who ever lived. It was the early 60’s though so you can forgive for it (even if Bruce Lee walked out of the movie for it). Aside from that, Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a lovely movie that everyone should see.

Rich Guy, Poor Girl

Pretty in Pink is so far my least favorite “Brat Pack” movie. It’s in no way a bad movie. I’d just say that compared to other Molly Ringwald classics like Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink just doesn’t compare. For one thing, it was written by John Hughes not directed by him. The whole tone of Pretty in Pink feels different to me. The main point of Pretty in Pink is the whole class struggle thing. Someone whose poor falling for someone rich. Characters like Duckie, whom I should find hilarious, fall short for me. Like I said, it’s not a bad movie. I’m just less likely to rewatch it. It’s probably one of the most 80’s films there is though. And I’ll say that the ending makes the movie work. It’s probably one of the most well known alternate endings to any film. So if you like John Hughes, the “Brat Pack,” or the 80’s, then maybe you’ll like Pretty in Pink more than I did.


or (Single-Shot Struggling Ex Superhero Puts on a Play)

Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) is Michael Keaton’s second time playing a winged character (it won’t be his last). Birdman follows a dramatized representation of an actor trying to distance himself from an iconic role. So exactly like Michael Keaton’s career. The movie itself details how this actor attempts to put on a play despite naysayers. Which brings up interesting questions about Hollywood. What makes Birdman such an Award winning success is its use of a long continuous take. It’s not technically one take, but a lot of it is. I’d say only about 88% of the movie is one take. The rest of the movie is filled with humor and drama that feels like the best way to address industry norms.

Freeform it

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones still haunts me to this day. Well not really, but hear me out. At least once or twice a year I go to see a movie by myself. Sometimes its a good idea and sometimes it isn’t. The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones is without a doubt the worst movie I’ve gone to see by myself. I didn’t even tell anyone I saw it. It was so bad in fact, that I stopped going to see movies by myself for 3 years (luckily Nerve was a good movie). So why did I go to see this movie. Well this was around the time that major young adult franchises were coming out. I just wanted at least one of them to myself. The other franchises were too big to be ignored by anyone else. The Mortal Instruments was just underground enough for me to see it without drawing any attention. I’ve forgotten pretty much everything that happened in the movie. All I can say is that it has something to do with people hunting vampires, werewolves, and demons. The movie bombed and all sequels were cancelled. Though there has been a well received TV series called Shadowhunters on Freeform. I haven’t seen it yet, but maybe it will renew my interest in this series. Until then, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones will remain a bad dream for me.

4 Girls 1 Mission

John Tucker Must Die? Have you ever wanted to see a movie that you knew nobody else wanted to see? That’s how I feel about John Tucker Must Die. I’d label it a guilty pleasure. You see I grew up watching a lot of the same things all the time. I never really showed my interest in poppy teen movies until later in my life. Which is why I’ve seen John Tucker Must Die at least five times by myself. I guess I’m drawn to the whole high school experience. John Tucker Must Die is about a girl who convinces three girls in three different cliques to get back at their womanizing boyfriend. Like I said, guilty pleasure. It does have its moments, but there are a lot of problems (like acting). My biggest complaint though, would be the ending. Nobody really learns anything by the end and it feels more like an afterthought. Once again, guilty pleasure.

The Genius of Hahvahd

Good Will Hunting is genius. As a young screenwriter, it’s impressive that Ben Affleck and Matt Damon won an Oscar for writing this (and in their early 20’s as well). Good Will Hunting is about a young Boston native who works as a janitor at Harvard college. Which is a shame cause Will Hunting is a freaking genius. They only thing holding him back is his own personal struggles. That’s where Robin Williams comes in. Williams gives an Oscar winning performance as an honest therapist. It’s a performance that shows how well he was able to achieve both comedy and drama in the same role. But let’s not forget Matt Damon’s performance. I’m still impressed that he and Affleck wrote all of those \sum_{n} x^n = (1-x)^{-1} equations. The moral of Good Will Hunting is to follow your passion. Even if you don’t end up pleasing everyone. “How do ya like them apples?”

Bunny Boiler

If Fatal Attraction is proof of anything, it’s that men are dogs. No matter how happily they’re married or how appealing the woman is. Don’t cheat! You never know who might end up being a psychopath. Fatal Attraction is the best kind of cautionary tale. Sure everything seems fine at first, but it will come back to bite you. Glenn Close, an actress I knew only for her light-hearted work, gives a stunning performance (she should have won the Oscar). Her character feels like someone who could actually exist. Probably the best thing to come out of the movie is the fact that it did scare men into not cheating for a while. While also coining the phrase “bunny boiler.” So Fatal Attraction comes as a high recommendation. Especially to husbands.

Mom’s Spaghetti

8 Mile, the 1 hour 58 minute music video of “Lose Yourself.” I don’t know if I’d consider myself a huge fan rap, but when I hear a good rap, I really like it. Eminem is definitely up there as far as good rappers are concerned. So when I found out about this movie I was curious. Like everyone else, I knew every word to “Lose Yourself” (it even won an Oscar). Before even seeing the movie. 8 Mile is probably the best movie made by and about a specific singer. Most of the time they suck. 8 Mile manages to capture who Eminem is as a rapper and person. Slim Shady can act fairly well. Which makes me wonder why he didn’t act in more movies. The rap battles are probably the best part of the movie. It’s definitely surprising that this movie worked. I promise you’ll lose yourself in 8 Mile.