About My Blog

My name is Kevin. I live in Illinois and I’m a Multimedia Communications major. At the age of 26, I’ve seen well over 2,000 movies. The purpose of this blog is for me to express my feelings towards movies. I have always had a strong connection to movies. My aspiration is to become an actor. Such reviews will include my own personal opinions, theories, and viewing experience. I try to broaden my selection of movies. So expect every genre to be explored. Comedy, drama, action, fantasy, science fiction, horror, you name it!

Year 1, I will start with random movie reviews daily. Year 2, I will do more sequels, prequels, and remakes. Year 3, I will do more long-term franchise movies. Year 4, I will do the giant studio franchises. Year 5 and beyond will only get bigger and bigger. I’m a very organized person. I keep a detailed list of every movie I’ve ever reviewed. Plus movies that I will review in the future. Just to make sure I keep track of all my movie reviews and that I keep my reviews random. So every review you see was planned and/or written months (sometimes years) in advance. One of the things that makes me different from other bloggers is that I only review movies I want to review. Which are movies from every decade. So don’t expect a whole lot of the latest movies reviewed.

All my reviews have a similar format. My titles are never the movies title. I use either a quote from the movie, a signature song from the movie, or a funny title that sums up the movie. My reviews are short and punchy, because I almost never have time to read a review that’s 2 pages long. Finally, all my reviews end with a picture. A picture that I feel sums up the movie perfectly. The only time I will change this format is when I review a movie that I have more to say about. Then my review will be twice as long, with 2 paragraphs and 2 pictures. Three times as long when I review one of “My Top 10 Favorite Movies.” Lights, Camera, Action!

I am also a member of The Large Association of Movie Blogs:
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