My Tribute to Stan Lee

How Stan Lee Impacted My Life

I first got this collection of comics when I was about 7 or 8 years old. Before then, everything I knew about superheroes was mostly from the movies, like X-Men. Seeing Spider-Man in 2002 changed my life. It’s the reason I love movies as much as I do now. It wasn’t until I got this comic that I truly understood the man behind them. This comic, along with Stan Lee’s appearance on The Simpsons, inspired me to create my first superhero in 2003. From then on, I’ve never stopped creating. When I was old enough to notice, I caught every Marvel movie cameo of his. I watched all of his documentaries, TV shows, and anything else he helped create. I’ve seen every single Marvel movie (MCU or otherwise), show, and read a handful of his comics. I knew when his time came, it would hit me harder than any other celebrity death. Not many people know the man behind the mask, but I’ve known pretty much my entire life. I’m just glad his impact was able to reach so many people. And not just the hardcore nerds like me. ‘Nuff said.