Hippity Hop

Kangaroo Jack is a movie that I can proudly say I didn’t see when I was a kid. Just the thought of me liking this movie as a kid is almost too ridiculous to think about. I was only 7 when the movie came out and even then I could tell it was bad. A rapping Kangaroo in a hoodie. Yeah, no thank you. However, I knew one day after ignoring it for years, I would have to see it. Just to see how bad it is of course. It turns out the trailers actually lied to you. Kangaroo Jack is actually about two friends who are sent by one of their gangster fathers to deliver money in Australia. One of them puts their hoodie with the money in it on a dead Kangaroo and they end up losing the money when the not so dead kangaroo hops away. Then there pursued by gangsters who want them dead for losing the money. Now I know what your thinking, where’s Kangaroo Jack in all of this. Well there’s only about 5 minutes of him in the entire hour and a half movie. The movie cuts back to him doing something “wacky” and that’s about it. That rapping scene in the trailer is only a minute long dream sequence. The rest of the movie is just low brow humor and fart jokes. The reason for that gangster premise is that the movie was intended to be an adult gangster comedy. But after the “success” of Snow Dogs, they decided to inject it with a family friendly tone. Frankly it would have sucked either way.


Jackie Legs raps

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