Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves

Mermaids is the underwater tale of several mermaids exploring the ocean… just kidding. Happy Mothers Day Everyone! Mermaids is actually about a 1960’s mother who has a difficult relationship with her oldest daughter. My mom recommend we watch the movie, because of how many actors we recognized.

Cher plays the mother Mrs. Flax, Winona Ryder plays the oldest daughter Charlotte, and a debuting Christina Ricci plays the youngest daughter Kate. Bob Hoskins also plays a part as a willing love interest. The title actually refers to a costume Mrs. Flax wears for a party, but water is present in other parts of the story. Since Kate is an avid swimmer. Charlotte and her mother mainly come to blows for their conflicting ideologies.

Mrs. Flax has a free spirited gypsy mentality that has them constantly moving. While Charlotte finds comfort in the catholic lifestyle. Which has her questioning her own sexual attractions. Ending with a near fatal tragedy that has the two accusing the other of being a tramp. The absentee father would be the thief that stole their car. Mermaids is a humorous tale of the undying bond a mother shares with her daughter. Love you mom.❤️


The Flax family

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