The Shack is Back

Caddyshack II is the pointless golfing sequel no one asked for. There was just no point in doing one without the involvement of comedians Bill Murray, Rodney Dangerfield, or Harold Ramis as a director. The traditional R rating doesn’t even return. It’s instead replaced by the safe PG rating. Which based on the first movie, would have simply meant more nudity. The only returning actor was Chevy Chase, but he’s just kinda there. Inching ever closer to his more cynical later years.

A now animatronic gopher is also played up to a ridiculous degree. Complete with cartoony voice and unfunny shenanigans. It’s so obvious that Caddyshack II is attempting to replace previous characters. Right down to unmemorable teen caddy’s. Jackie Mason replaces Dangerfield as the colorful eccentric millionaire. Only his personality and brand of stand-up is all over the place.

The plot I couldn’t care less about, involves the country club being bought with housing construction in mind. Along with the same old class discrimination and high stakes game of golf we saw before. At the same time Dan Aykroyd plays a far less funny version of Bill Murray’s character. Except he’s an ex-military Captain with a bizarre voice. Probably the only somewhat original character is the obnoxious one Randy Quaid plays. As a sequel nobody wanted to make, Caddyshack II was doomed from the start.

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Everett spots the gopher

Preceded by: Caddyshack

2 thoughts on “The Shack is Back

  1. Here’s one classic observation of the film from an American film critic – “This sequel is an unashamedly coarse and silly comedy that squirts juvenile humor at the audience the way a skunk confronts a speeding sedan”.

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