We Die Together

Bad Boys II is arguably the first bad Michael Bay movie. The Rock is a surprisingly solid action film for him, but he really goes over-the-top for the first time in this 2003 sequel. Making the original Bad Boys almost tame by comparison. In the 8 years between movies, Will Smith was an A-list action star with Oscar attention and Martin Lawrence was Big Momma. Yet Lawrence is still somehow credited above Smith. Police Detectives Marcus Burnett and Mike Lowrey are even more hilarious when their partnership becomes strained.

Their race didn’t come up much in the original, but now they’re infiltrating a Klan rally in a seriously over-the-top opening. Joe Pantoliano returns as their Captain to have them stop the illegal flow of ecstasy into Miami. They suspect the Russians, but Cubans and Haitians get involved as well. The action only gets crazier when dead bodies, trains, and Guantanamo Bay get involved. Mike & Marcus’ personal lives are given just as much attention. Though the scene involving Burnett’s daughter’s date is a little mean spirited.

While Marcus deals with an embarrassing personal problem, Mike is dating his sister Syd. Now Gabrielle Union is the hot woman, but she’s much more capable and even got her own TV series. Like most, if not all Bay movies that followed, Bad Boys II has wall to wall explosions, several sexy women throughout, crazy camera work, increasingly immature jokes, stereotypes, product placement, an excessively long 2 hour & 27 minute runtime, and the infamous line “Sh*t just got real.” Bad Boys II is just as entertaining regardless. Bad Boys, Bad Boys, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

Bad Boys II

Detective Sergeants Marcus Burnett (left) and Mike Lowrey (right) on the job

Preceded by: Bad Boys & Followed by: Bad Boys for Life

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