What is Your Deepest Fear?

Coach Carter is an inspiring sports drama for the MTV generation. Although I don’t see sports movies often, I have seen plenty of films where an unconventional coach comes around to push his team further than they’ve ever thought possible. Ken Carter is a real life basketball coach who worked at Richmond High School. Though they coincidentally share the same last name, Thomas Carter was still the best director to tell his story. Samuel L Jackson has plenty of opportunities to yell, but he’s also the best man for a dramatic lead role.

Coach Carter’s extreme methods include push-up punishments, suicide drills, and an academic contract. At least 6 team members are given more attention. Before Arrow, Rick Gonzalez fought Coach Carter as Hispanic drug dealer Cruz who has the biggest turn around. The team is predominantly black, but Channing Tatum made a good impression as one of the only white kids Lyle. Robert Ri’chard plays Carter’s more academically inclined son Damien. Rob Brown has his own subplot as Kenyon since his girlfriend is expecting a baby.

Singer Ashanti plays the pregnant teenager Kyra. Meanwhile, Octavia Spencer plays Junior’s concerned mother who wants him to succeed in class. The most attention Worm gets is during a humorous scene where the team sneaks out to a wild party in the suburbs. The media took attention when Carter canceled multiple games in an undefeated season after the team failed to keep up their grades. Although I understand the town and school board’s frustration, Carter’s message of respect, sportsmanship, and responsibility shines through. Coach Carter is far from inadequate.

Coach Carter

Coach Carter addresses his team

5 thoughts on “What is Your Deepest Fear?

  1. Coach Carter was a really well hyped film from back then. Given how athletics are in school sports these days, to see a coach put doing well academically and athletically on the same level with no favoritism is quite refreshing.

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  2. Hmmm, I didn’t see this movie. My favorite movie in the sports world is The Blind Side, watched during highschool with our English teacher and the class. Talk about unconventional habits πŸ˜‚β­. These memories stick with us.

    Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend! 🌼

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