I Dreamed a Dream

Les Misérables is a major feat for the cinema. The actors were actually singing live. Instead of singing first and rerecording after. Making the movie feel much more authentic. For those who don’t know, Les Misérables is based on a 1980 stage musical which in turn, is based on an 1862 story by French novelist Victor Hugo. Although Les Misérables has been adapted in film a grand total of 13 times, the 2012 version is the first to be a musical. As well as gain Oscar attention. It’s centered around the June Rebellion in Paris. As former prisoner Jean Valjean escapes parole in order to start a new life. Only to have the desperate police chief Inspector Javert hot on is tale. Leading to 20 years of forbidden love and a tragic conflict. If you’re not used to musicals, then this will be a difficult movie to sit through. Since it’s 2 hours and 40 minutes and they sing all the way through. Taking 1 or 2 minute breaks in between. The music can’t be beat and the performances are top-notch. Hugh Jackman is right in his element, but it’s actually Anne Hathaway who steals the movie. Despite only 15 minutes of screentime. Her rendition of “I Dreamed a Dream” more than earns her the Oscar. The only real problem is Russell Crowe. A normally brilliant actor who was terribly miscast. He’s just not a classical singer. Other than that, Les Misérables definitely brought back movie musicals in a big way.


Jean Valjean carries a dying Fantine in his arms

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