Maybe we should Split Up

The Cabin in the Woods is far better than it looks. I definitely thought I was just going to watch an average cliche filled horror movie. Boy was I wrong. The Cabin in the Woods actually takes those cliches and uses them to perfection. SPOILER ALERT! The movie is actually about an underground organization that orchestrates every horror movie scenario. Specifically a group of teens vacationing at a cabin in the woods. Things really start to get good when it turns out that every kind of monster or slasher is being held in this underground organization. You name it, it’s there. Zombie, vampire, werewolf, demon, robot, clown, giant animal, merman, ghost, unicorn, etc. The movie also has the famous nerd king Joss Whedon’s signature brand of humor to balance out the horror. I would strongly recommend this movie to any horror enthusiast.

A group of teenagers realize something is very wrong

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