I’m Pregnant

I adore Juno. It’s one of my all time favorite movies. For many reasons. First of all, being pro-life I appreciate its handling of teen pregnancy. Second of all, being a writer, I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from the screenplay. In fact, the first screenplay I’ve written is about pregnancy. When you look at the story you might wonder what makes it so special. The reason it’s so special is because of the devoted performances and the delightfully weird writing. Many people will say that “nobody talks like that.” I would agree, but that’s why it’s so unique. The title character Juno is also very unique. She doesn’t really fit into any specific clique. There’s also a lot of good humor, good music, and a good moral. And it’s like super cazh about all of it. So yeah just like totally check it out.


Paulie feels Juno’s baby bump

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