Back to School Again

Grease 2 is no comparison to Grease. What was the point of making a sequel if they weren’t going to use the original cast. Why do I care about these new people? Not that there aren’t some returning cast members. Just the teachers, principal, some students, and Frenchy (for some reason). The new cast is just not nearly as interesting as the original. The only good thing about the cast is that it gives Michelle Pfeiffer her first starring role. Which is defiantly a positive. The rest of the cast is just dull and unmemorable. The plot is just a rehash of Grease, but in a new package. Instead of a good girl/bad boy couple, we have a good boy/bad girl couple. Sandy’s British cousin is the good boy and a Pink Lady is the bad girl. Which wouldn’t be a problem if the couple actually felt believable. The songs are also pretty forgettable. “Back to School Again” is alright, but most of the songs are pointless. Why do we need a song about reproduction and nuclear war? Grease is a classic and Grease 2 is just embarrassing. Some people might like it as a guilty pleasure movie, but I’ll probably never see it again.

“We’re gonna score tonight!”

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