Super Shaq

Steel is what happens when all good DC superhero movie ideas are ignored. You end up with one of the most forgettable superhero movies of all time. Steel is a character that was created after the “Death of Superman” storyline. Four replacement Supermen were created in order to fill the void left by Superman’s absence. Steel is a black man named John Henry Irons, who wears a steel suit and uses a sledge hammer. Why does that warrant a full length movie adaptation? The movie Steel stars Shaquille O’Neal. In his second worst performance after Kazaam. It was also enough to keep him from starring in movies after it bombed. Steel is mainly about dangerous military weapons ending up on the streets. With the help of his wheelchair bond (the only thing people liked about the movie) military buddy and Shaft (yeah they dragged poor Richard Roundtree into it) John Henry Irons suits up as Steel. Wearing one of the worst superhero costumes ever put to film. It’s a laughably bad rubbery suit with barely any mobility. They didn’t even give it a cape and “S” symbol and the suit is supposed to cover his whole body. He also uses the sledge hammer as a gun instead of swinging it. Shaq was too tall to have a stunt person, which means the action is lackluster at best. Steel isn’t offensively bad. It’s just another crappy 90’s superhero movie, but with a souffle!

Steel in combat

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