Back in Time

Men in Black 3 is a sequel 10 years in the making. A sequel I honestly never thought would happen. Tommy Lee Jones started to develop a reputation and Will Smith hadn’t starred in a movie since 2008. Not to mention director Barry Sonnenfeld not making a movie since 2006. So Men in Black 3 definitely took a lot of work to get made. And the final result is… different then what I was expecting. Don’t get me wrong, Men in Black 3 is a great movie with good humor and a surprising amount of heart. I just thought its story and tone didn’t match up to the first two. Men in Black 3 is about time travel. Which seemed like an odd choice for a Men in Black movie. Although the method by which you time travel is unique. Jumping from a high distance. If you thought Tommy Lee Jones had less screen time in Men in Black II, he’s barely in this one. Instead he’s replaced by a younger version of himself. Which was a stroke of genius, because Josh Brolin is fantastic as a young Agent K. He manages to mimic Tommy Lee Jones flawlessly. It takes place in 1969. The new villain is both creepy and funny at the same time, but I can’t really describe what kind of alien he is. The ending is easily the strongest thing about the movie. There’s a twist that actually made me emotional.ย Men in Black 3 completes this surprise trilogy in the best possible way.

Agent J (right) and young Agent K (left) make a discovery

Preceded by: Men in Black IIย & Followed by: Men in Black: International

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