Just One of the Spies

Spy has a simple title, but a lot to offer in its genre. How is it possible no other movie has just been titled Spy? Let alone a serious spy movie. Well Spy once again brings together Melissa McCarthy and director Paul Feig. A man who (for the most part) knows how to make good female lead comedies. Spy centers on Susan Cooper. A Melissa McCarthy type who works at the CIA assisting her partner from behind a desk. Her partner is your average suave secret agent, but when he’s presumed dead, it’s up to Susan to step in. Even though she’s not exactly what you’d call a traditional spy. Which is why she goes undercover as a crazy cat lady. Spy was actually way more funny then I thought it would be. Melissa McCarthy is also way more physical and badass then you’d think from a comedy with this premise. Action star Jason Statham is also surprisingly hilarious. He really should do more comedies. So if you love spy movies, I highly recommend checking Spy out.


Susan Cooper goes undercover

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