His Love is Real, But He is Not

A.I. Artificial Intelligence is the first installment in Steven Spielberg’s Running Man trilogy. A series of unrelated films with an on-the-run theme. A.I. Artificial Intelligence takes place in a future where most of the population has been wiped out by global warming. So humanoid robots called Mecha are built in their place. With current advancements in robotics, a less life like version of this could happen one day. One family in particular adopts a robot boy named David as a replacement for their coma stricken son. David was designed to feel unconditional love, but like all robot stories, he becomes self aware. Leading his “mother” to abandon him in the middle of nowhere. David goes on the run along with his robot toy Teddy and friendly robot Gigolo Joe, in order to become a real boy. The story draws many parallels with Pinocchio. It might surprise you to know A.I. was actually Stanley Kubrick’s idea. Before he passed away he asked Spielberg to direct it. That’s why A.I. is bleak and optimistic at the same time. With Haley Joel Osment playing David in his last high profile role as a child star. I avoided A.I. for the longest time (I only knew the Simpsons parody) because I knew the movie’s reputation for being sad, but also schmaltzy. While the ending is kinda dumb, I love my mom too much for it not to make me cry. A.I. Artificial Intelligence is a mixed bag, but probably the best version of Pinocchio we’ve gotten in a long time.


David makes a wish

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