Party On, Garth

Wayne’s WorldWayne’s World, it’s party time, excellent!” “Party on, Garth.” “Party on, Wayne.” Wayne’s World 2 is the first sequel from a movie based on a Saturday Night Live sketch. It’s also the last SNL movie to be more good than bad. Since everything that came after it sucked. Wayne’s World 2 came out almost immediately after the first movie. This time most of the focus is on Garth. As he has a cringy relationship with an older babe named Honey Hornée played by Kim Basinger.

Like most movies with a duo, giving more  attention to the sidekick isn’t always a good idea. Meanwhile Wayne has a vision that Jim Morrison and a weird naked Indian tell him to put on a rock concert. Which he does, and dubs Waynestock. Wayne also meets (and fights) his girlfriend’s father and loses her to Christopher Walken. Wayne’s World 2 parodies popular movies just like the first movie, but not all of them work. Probably the most memorable scene in the sequel is the “ordering food” scene. Aside from that, Wayne’s World 2 doesn’t do much to make itself stand out.


Wayne (left) and Garth (right) return

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