We Come from France

Coneheads is the first movie based on characters from a Saturday Night Live Sketch to receive a less than warm reception. Up until this point there were only 2 SNL movies. Both The Blues Brothers and Wayne’s World were considered some of the best comedies of their respective decades. Coneheads is another story. It showed early signs of there being a flaw in stretching a sketch into a full length movie. I’ve only sat down to watch Coneheads once. Most of the time I’ve seen it in pieces. Coneheads was about a family of aliens from the planet Remulak. Aliens with tall cone shaped heads that told people they came from France. In the movie, their origin as alien refugees settling on Earth and starting a family is explored. Along with a group of government agents trying to track them down. Apart from those little story details, Coneheads is mostly just a bunch of jokes about their unusual behavior. Which I found funny for the most part. Dan Aykroyd and Jane Curtin fully commit to these ridiculous characters. They were so memorable that they randomly reprised their roles in a State Farm commercial several years later. Sadly, it’s also the only SNL movie to feature Chris Farley in a prominent role. Coneheads isn’t SNL‘s best movie, but it should elicit minimal gratification if given the chance.

The Coneheads

The Coneheads

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