Hey Hey Hey!

Fat Albert is in many ways the biggest black icon in all of animation. When I first saw the trailer for Fat Albert I immediately recognized the character. Even though I hadn’t seen a single episode of the show. Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids was a show from the 70’s, created by Bill Cosby, and based on his childhood. Regardless of his reputation now, there’s no denying the impact Bill Cosby left. Fat Albert was the first animated series to feature an entirely African American cast. It may seem crude by today’s standards, but the educational nature of the show kept kids watching. Fat Albert is the delightfully fat protagonist with a red sweater, blue pants, and famous catchphrase “hey hey hey!” He hangs out/plays songs with his group of friends the Cosby kids. Which include Rudy, Bill, Russell, Bucky, Dumb Donald, Old Weird Harold, and Mushmouth. The movie is a bit of a mixed bag. On one hand, Kenan Thompson was born to play Fat Albert. On another hand, the plot is way too ridiculous. It’s yet another cartoon “fish out of water” story. With all the characters entering the real world through the TV. Bill Cosby even shows up. It’s also set in modern times, so expect Fat Albert to rap. Fat Albert may be another misguided cartoon adaptation, but it’s harmless enough to get its message across.


Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids

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