Getting Pantsed

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 revisits the sisterhood 3 years after their life changing summer. Only with a slighty more mature PG-13 rating. It may be the second movie, but it’s actually based on the fourth book in the series. Like the first movie though, it starts with the girls together as a group before parting ways again for the summer. Like before, I can only talk about them separately.

Bridget – Bridget is the first girl to get the pants. Her after college activity is an archeological dig in Turkey. Being around a bunch of fossils reminds her of her mother. So she leaves to visit her seldom seen grandmother in order to get more answers about her suicide. This story is probably the most disconnected from the rest.

Lena – Lena is the second girl to get the pants. After attending a nude art class, she finds herself caught up in an unintentional love triangle. With her true love Kostas and a new guy she meets in the class. Unsurprisingly, this story has the most romance.

Carmen – Carmen is the third girl to get the pants. She’s the one who feels like the group is drifting apart. The fact that her mother is having a baby isn’t helping. Which is why she decides to participate in a theater production. Accidentally landing the lead role and winning a guy’s affection. This story is the most dramatic (both literally and figuratively).

Tibby – Tibby is the fourth girl to get the pants. The problems she faces require its magic the most. She stays behind like before. Working in a video store and trying to finish her screenplay. She’s been dating the Dragon Quest guy she met in the first movie. She finds herself making difficult choices after a possible pregnancy gets in the way. It’s not as emotional, but I did find myself the most invested in her story once again.

In conclusion, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 brings back the magic of its lead actresses. Along with a few new faces. Like Lucy Hale as Lena’s never before seen younger sister Effie. At what seemed like the last minute, the sisterhood is reunited after the pants are lost in Greece. It leaves the movie a bit open ended. Making me want a third film right away. While I didn’t get into the sequel as much as the first, seeing the girls again was enough to make this magical pants adventure worth it.


The sisterhood of the traveling pants

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