The Nothing

The NeverEnding Story is a story I will never forget. Even though its title is total false advertisement. Only an hour and a half long, what a rip-off! Anyway, The NeverEnding Story is another modern classic to come out of 1984. It’s engaging fantasy world captured the hearts of many children at the time. Although I have a difficult time remembering if I saw it as a kid or not. I think I did, but I do know that the last time I saw it was in 8th Grade. My teacher showed it in class and everybody loved it.

The NeverEnding Story is a book within a book made into a movie. Bastian is just an unassuming kid with a love for reading. Until he reads a book that changes his life forever. The titular NeverEnding Story of Fantasia. A world full of giant rock biters, racing snails, riding bats, killer wolves, ancient turtles, gnomes, and the beloved Luckdragon Falkor. A white doglike dragon that helps the hero.

In the story, Fantasia is in great danger from “The Nothing.” A force that will slowly take over the land unless its ruler the Childlike Empress gets a new name. So it’s up to the child warrior Atreyu to fulfill this quest. The NeverEnding Story may seem like just another fantasy, but it’s actually a lot deeper than it looks. With many dark moments that scared kids for life. Like the sinking of Atreyu’s horse Artax. The meaning of “The Nothing” is actually meant to represent the death of imagination. As the book is a lot more real then Bastian realizes. The NeverEnding Story is a friendly reminder to never stop imagining.

1. TheNeverendingStory

Bastian rides Falkor

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