Run, Hide, Scream, Pray

Alien: Covenant has the difficult task of continuing the philosophy established in Prometheus and delivering a much more straightforward Alien movie. The prequel was so distant from the quadrilogy that it didn’t seem like a possibility. Then again, Ridley Scott decided to give the fans what they wanted all along. Alien: Covenant was the first movie in the series that I was officially old enough to see. I’m glad considering the uncomfortable amount of graphic violence and shower scene. Alien: Covenant is so bloody that I’d almost call it a slasher film.

Set in 2104, a crew/cast of colonizer couples make their way to a new planet on the ship Covenant. Katherine Waterston’s Daniels is probably the closet thing to a worthy Ripley successor. The only other noteworthy crew member is played by Danny McBride. James Franco is also in the movie very briefly, but his scenes are all in online shorts for some reason. While on their mission, the crew stops on a planet they believe to be a paradise. Until one threat after another makes it a nightmare. Yet another species of alien is introduced. When two crew members inhale some kind of spore, a Neomorph bursts out of their mouth and spine.

The Neomorph is basically a pointy headed albino Xenomorph. Something that feels like it belongs in a different movie. Speaking of Xenomorph, it turns out the android David is responsible for their creation. Michael Fassbender once again gives the best performance as David and another android named Walter. Two Xenomorphs appear, but they’re still not quite the same as the original. They’re more spider-like. David becomes increasingly sinister and the end is left ambiguous. With the franchise up in the air, Alien: Covenant leaves things on an unsettling note.


The Xenomorph attaches itself to the ship

Preceded by: Prometheus

One thought on “Run, Hide, Scream, Pray

  1. It’s certainly not a great flick, but I think I enjoyed this more than many did. I hope the third installment gets the green light… and then they can ask Blomkamp to finish the original trilogy properly!

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