Make Your Own Rules

Varsity Blues is where football meets teen angst. Although I’m still not much of a sports guy, I am at least a fan of cheesy teen movies. So Varsity Blues was a fair compromise. It was actually the first of so many teen movies released in 1999. Which is why they banked on James Van Der Beek’s Dawson’s Creek fame. He plays a Texas High School football player named Mox who doesn’t want his father’s life.

Equal teen heartthrob Paul Walker is his friend whose game injury forces Mox to take center stage in the game. The main conflict is between Mox’s team and a tyrannical coach. Overweight Texas born pig owner Billy Bob is another friend who keeps getting concussions. Most of the football stuff didn’t stand out to me as much as all of the random stuff in between.

Like an incredibly random subplot about a sex ed teacher that turns out to be a stripper. Nothing comes out of it. Same with Mox’s wacky kid brother going through several different religions. But the most iconic scene in Varsity Blues has nothing to do with football. This is the movie that features a cheerleader sporting a sexy whipped cream bikini. Something I’m sure has been unsuccessfully imitated many times. Varsity Blues may center on football, but it’s very much for the MTV generation.


West Canaan High School football team

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