Dino Story

Dinosaur is unlike anything Disney released up to this point. Most people forget it’s the thirty-ninth Walt Disney animated film (or that it even exists at all). That’s what makes Dinosaur so underrated as far as the Post-Renaissance is concerned. Then again, it’s difficult for dinosaur films to be remembered if Jurassic Park isn’t in the title. The simply titled Dinosaur, was actually an idea from ultraviolent filmmaker Paul Verhoeven. He envisioned it as an intense story of survival that played out like a nature documentary. When Disney moved things in a kid friendly direction, they kept the realistic feel. Along with a slightly more intense PG rating.

Dinosaur was released in 2000 along with Fantasia 2000, but the former was what I saw in theaters when I was 5 years old. I have relatively fond memories of seeing it. Although I wouldn’t call it a childhood favorite. I think I remember the McDonald’s puppet toys more than anything. Dinosaur drew me in with an extended teaser that showcased stunning animation. Technically becoming the first computer animated Disney film. Despite utilizing live-action backgrounds that seriously confused me when I was a kid. The dinosaurs were created using CGI that was made to look as real as possible. It’s a shame they had to let them talk. Since the dialogue and story are a bit average for visuals like this. There aren’t even songs in the movie.

Dinosaur follows an egg containing a seldom seen Iguanodon. The dinosaur is named Aladar and raised by a family of loving lemars. Aladar loves his adoptive mother Plio, grandfather Yar, uncle Zini, and sister Suri, but he’s the only dinosaur on the island. Until a meteor shower drives them away. They then encounter a herd of dinosaurs on their way to a nesting ground. Aladar clashes with one of the most unlikeable Disney villains ever, Kron. An alpha who believes only the strong should survive. Aladar falls for Kron’s more kind hearted sister Neera and forms a friendship with an elderly Brachiosaurus, Styracosaurus, and Ankylosaurus. Everything hinges on their survival which is made even worse by an animalistic Carnotaurus. Basically a T-Rex if it was more demonic. Aladar finds his place by taking command, driving out the beast together, and leading everyone to the promised land. Dinosaur was a unique experiment that more Disney fans should seek out.

DINOSAUR, Aladar, Neera, 2000

Aladar, Neera, and the lemurs in the nesting ground

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