xXx has the early 2000’s written all over it. It’s basically a Bond film with extreme sports, a dated heavy metal soundtrack, and Vin Diesel in his third major action role. The title xXx makes it very difficult to google for obvious reasons, but I’d been wanting to see the movie ever since I saw a trailer on my Spider-Man VHS tape. Xander Cage is an anti-establishment extreme sports enthusiast who frequently performs death defying stunts.

If any of xXx looks similar to The Fast and the Furious, it’s because this was producer Neal H. Moritz, director Rob Cohen, and star Vin Diesel’s second collaboration. xXx is loads of dumb fun that totally appeals to the teenage boy in me. Samuel L. Jackson plays one of his many shadowy government types as the scarred NSA official Gibbons. Cage is recruited as Agent Triple X since his tattoos and rough attitude are more suited for an undercover spy in Russia. The mission: stop Russian bad guys from destroying the world with a biological weapon called “Silent Night.”

xXx is a lot like 007 with his international adventures, sleeping with gorgeous women, and gadgets. Agent Shavers is his own personal Q who equips him with X-ray binoculars, darts, exploding band-aids, and a souped up sports car. Asia Argento is the primary xXx girl Yeleno who helps Cage on his mission. The sickest highlight of xXx is every extreme stunt Cage performs in a variety of kick-ass action sequences. Cage parachutes from a red corvette, jumps a motorcycle, snowboards out of a plane, and defeats Anarchy 99 by hang gliding out of his moving spy car. xXx is an awesome time capsule.


Xander Cage gets recruited

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