Corn Nuts

Heathers is the only movie that can make suicide funny. Let me explain. Heathers is the story of three popular girls, all named Heather. Main character Veronica has somehow gained their friendship, but hates the way they treat people in school. The uniquely dark twist is that after she meets the mysterious new guy at school, he helps her by murdering all the popular jerks in school and framing it as suicide. Pretty dark stuff. I’m surprised there wasn’t more controversy. It’s probably due to the semi comedic take the movie has. It wasn’t like laugh out loud, but I did laugh. It’s an interesting movie to watch. There’s definitely a lasting quality about it. Just don’t let it bother you and you’ll enjoy it.

The Heathers and Veronica (right center)

P.S. Watch the movie and you’ll know why the title is “Corn Nuts.”

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