Don’t Run with Scissors

Edward Scissorhands is Tim Burton’s best film and character he’s ever created. For a while I even considered it among my “Top 10 Favorite Movies.” Only because I saw it recently and remembered how much I loved it. Edward Scissorhands has Tim Burton written all over it. It’s darkly creative, stars an outcast, and makes you sympathize with them. It’s also the movie that cemented Johnny Depp’s career of playing a weirdo in weird makeup. Since this is the first of many Burton/Depp film collaborations. As well as the movie where former nerd Anthony Michael Hall changed his image to that of a bully. It’s also technically Vincent Price’s last film appearance before his passing.ย Edward Scissorhands is a dark fairytale about an artificial man with scissors for hands. One of the residents of his towns, Peg, discovers him and decides to take him into the brightly colorful town. Where she lets him stay with her family while he gets adjusted. Becoming something of a local celebrity by trimming hedges and cutting hair. At least until the town turns on him. Edward is probably the most sympathetic Tim Burton character I’ve ever seen. He doesn’t say much, but I truly feel his pain. Luckily, there’s plenty of humor to balance things out, and a beautiful romance too. Between Edward and Peg’s teenage daughter Kim (played of course by Winona Ryder). The ending is bittersweet, but understandably so. You don’t have to be goth to appreciate it. Edward Scissorhands is truly a cut above the rest.


Edward bares his scissor hands

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