Killer Car

Christine proves that Stephen King can make anything scary. Even a 1958 Plymouth Fury. Christine centers on a geeky teenager who buys a broken down car that he spends time fixing up. Little does he or anyone else know, the car is pure evil. It ends up having a corrupting influence on him. Causing the car to run over all his enemies. I wouldn’t call Christine my top favorite Stephen King movie, but it’s not without its creep factor. The thought of a possessed car that can’t be destroyed is pretty terrifying. Unless the car has you cornered in an alleyway (just jump over the car!). Christine wasn’t met with glowing reviews, but it has achieved a cult status. It also happens to be a John Carpenter movie. Which is a testament to his horror range. If you’re curious to see how a car can be scary, then give Christine a watch.


Christine the killer car

3 thoughts on “Killer Car

  1. I am going to be doing a review for this movie pretty soon, as it’s one of my favorite Carpenter films. Cool to see a post for this film. Thanks for the follow by the way: and you were right: your blog is definitely worth checking out: Sonic was an easy choice to follow back πŸ˜€

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