Heads or Tails?

Call it, friend-o. No Country for Old Men is the movie that finally earned the Coen brothers a Best Director(s) Oscar. Which is good, because it’s probably their Magnum Opus. No Country for Old Men is the fourth (and so far last) Coen brothers movie I saw. Its story is not the kind that usually wins Best Picture, but it does everything right. No Country for Old Men is about three different men. Llewelyn, a hunter who comes across a suitcase filled with money. Chigurh, the psychopath trying to kill him and take the money. And Sheriff Bell, an aging officer trying to track them down. No Country for Old Men is a cat-and-mouse game with a lot of tense moments. Quiet moments that will keep you on edge the entire time. Javier Bardem delivers a particularly disturbing performance as Chigurh. Easily one of the best villains of the decade. He flips a coin, uses an air-powered captive bolt pistol, and has a bizarre pageboy haircut. He’s unique to say the least. No Country for Old Men is unique and one of the best thrillers you can see.


“Would you hold still please, sir?”

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