Brother Can You Spare a Sleigh?

Fred Claus is just confusing. Is it supposed to be goofy slapstick or heartfelt sentimentality? One second a man attacks an army of Santa’s, the next second a kid gets taken into foster care. Then we got Ludacris the elf followed by not so naughty kids getting presents for the first time. Like I said, confusing, but not as confusing as Paul Giamatti playing Santa Claus (that still confuses me to this day). Fred Claus is about the less than successful brother you never knew Santa had. Apparently when you’re a saint (St. Nick), your entire family becomes immortal. Vince Vaughn plays Fred, a man that has resented his brother for decades. Some of the brotherly stuff works, but it’s bogged down by ridiculous moments. There’s also a subplot about a businessman trying to shut the North Pole down. Things like that make the movie extra weird. Like most Christmas movies I never planned on seeing, I saw Fred Claus in my middle school class. Then I watched the whole thing at home with my brother. I haven’t made a tradition out of it, but I don’t hate the movie. Some of it works, but a lot of it doesn’t. Fred Claus is just meh.

Fred Claus

Fred and his brother Santa

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