Appliance Story

The Brave Little Toaster may seem like a cute cartoon starring anthropomorphic appliances, but it’s actually insanely dark. The Brave Little Toaster is sort of like a precursor to Toy Story. Only instead of toys, they’re appliances. Something that never made much sense to me when I was a kid. I can understand having an attachment to toys, but appliances?

The Brave Little Toaster follows a group of appliances in search of their long lost master. The leader Toaster, the innocent electric blanket Blanky, the happy-go-lucky lamp Lampy, the cynical vacuum cleaner Kirby, and the fast talking Radio. They’re journey begins in the forest and ends in the city. What makes it dark is everything in between. The Brave Little Toaster is one of my favorite non-Disney animated movies. I saw it many times when I was a kid. Even though it was disturbing. It came out in the 80’s, when most animated movies were darker.

Many characters act like jerks and there are moments that come almost out of nowhere. Like the Air Conditioner scene, the scary clown nightmare, the heartbreaking flower scene, the scene in the parts shop, and especially the ending in the junkyard. These scenes have a lot more meaning then I realised. Dealing with themes of consumerism and even mortality. It’s also technically a musical despite only having 4 songs. The Brave Little Toaster may have a harsh lesson to teach us, but these characters are still some of the most beloved of my childhood.


The appliances are shocked

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2 thoughts on “Appliance Story

  1. Watched this a lot growing up, but I forgot about it. Now it seems so dark, trippy. I used to have nightmares about the vaccum cleaner, Kirbie. And the scene with the toaster and the flower who sees his reflection is so sad.

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