Power to the Little People

Bébé’s Kids is the first animated movie with a predominantly black cast of characters. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have much to offer. I didn’t even know it existed until I stumbled upon it on TV once. The story for Bébé’s Kids is based on a stand-up act from late comedian Robin Harris. I’m familiar with him, but I never watched his routine. In the act, Harris agrees to take his girlfriend to Disneyland with four troublemaking kids that belong to a mysterious woman named Bébé. In the movie, Disneyland is changed to “Fun World” (for legal reasons of course). Bébé’s kids are also trimmed down to three. Instead making the fourth kid the girlfriend’s son. The original story is also more mature. So they had to make it more kid friendly. Although it still earned a PG-13 with some sexual humor and a few bad words. The reason it looks so much like The Proud Family is because the animators are the same. Bébé’s Kids biggest problem is how its source material doesn’t really translate well to a movie. Since it mostly leans on stereotypes. Not that I didn’t at least see the guilty pleasure value in it. Bébé’s Kids is just hardly impactful.


Robin Harris drives around Bébé’s Kids

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