Evil takes Many Forms

The Witch, often written as THE VVITCH (although I am unsure of what the double “V” means), is a horror film that affects thee on a spiritual level. I am even now uncertain of what my takeaway is presumed to be. Particularly as a christian. The Witch takes place in the 1600’s. Following a family of devout christians from a Puritan plantation.ย Starring Anya Taylor-Joy in her scream queen debut as Thomasin. She is the eldest daughter who is blamed for a series of misfortunes that befall the family. Which in the fullness of time leads to the accusation that she is the witch that dwells in the forest. A witch that is not seen too often, despite what the title may suggest. Though there is a goat named Black Phillip. The Witch has been compared to the likes of The Exorcist, The Omen, and Rosemary’s Baby. In light of the ending, that wouldst not be a far-off comparison. The ending is in certainty what leaves me with mixed emotions on how the film handles faith. There has been a number of discussions by critics on whether ’tis portrayed in fairness or unjustly. Although I think ye all can agree that the idea of witches is synonymous with evil. The Witch is an A24 horror film that plays on a fear thou canst always see. Making it one of the eeriest selections to come forth from this decade.

The VVitch

Thomasin alone in the woods

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