The Shimmer

People had very high expectations for Annihilation, but it’s hard to say if it succeeds or not. After the critically acclaimed Ex_Machina (see that review here), all eyes were on Alex Garland’s next project. Which turned out to be an adaptation of the best-selling novel Annihilation. Annihilation follows a team of women that journey from a military base called “Area X,” into an electromagnetic field known as “the Shimmer.” Where flora and fauna is constantly mutating. Natalie Portman plays the lead biologist along with four other actresses you may be familiar with. The threats, including an alligator and a bear, are very disturbing. Its atmosphere is just as unsettling as Ex_Machina, but I didn’t really get the same experience while watching Annihilation. When I first saw the trailer, I wasn’t exactly sold on the concept. It was either the setting or the visuals that felt off to me. Despite that I still planned on seeing Annihilation in theaters. It didn’t happen though since it wasn’t playing in my theater. Annihilation mostly works, but it’s really confusing at times. I didn’t read the novel, but apparently it wasn’t 100% faithful to the book either. Whatever your opinion, Annihilation leaves you with plenty to talk about.


The expedition team enters the shimmer

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