She’s Followed

Watcher is a spiritual successor to It Follows. I never even heard of the movie since it was made by the very independent horror themed streaming service Shudder. Someone special recommended I watch Watcher after she saw it in theaters. My immediate thought was It Follows, because Maika Monroe once again plays an increasingly paranoid woman who gets the feeling she’s being watched and/or followed. She just can’t avoid people following her can she?

Monroe plays former actress Julia who moves to Bucharest with Karl Glusman as her Romanian speaking husband Francis. The language barrier alone gives Julia a sense of isolation. The only other person she can talk to is the English speaking Irina who lives in her apartment. Watcher isn’t supernatural, but it is just as effective with a serial killer on the loose. Julia grows suspicious when she notices a silhouette watching her from an apartment across the street at night.

It gets worse when the strategically hidden man follows Julia to the movie theater and grocery store. Though Watcher is about female paranoia, the suspense is enough to creep anyone out. Much like It Follows, not even Julia’s husband believes her until the situation gets real. Whether he’s the killer or not, Burn Gorman looks like a creep regardless. The ending is abrupt, but an “I told you so” look is all we need. Watcher is simple suspense at its most effective.


Julia thinks she’s being watched

4 thoughts on “She’s Followed

  1. Never heard of this one until today, looks interesting enough. I remember everybody raving about It Follows, saying it was one of the best 21st century Horror Thrillers, so there has to be something good going on.

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  2. Great review, MM! I especially enjoyed the pause before that “hello” hand went up. You know what I’m talking about: Just when you think there’s no reaction, bam – that dude really has been watching her this whole time! Good chills!

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