A Narrative of 1757🌽

The Last of the Mohicans is a story that has been passed down for generations. The Last of the Mohicans: A Narrative of 1757 was first written in 1826. It is the second book in a series titled the Leatherstocking Tales. It has been adapted to film dozens of times. With its first American adaptation being released in 1936. I was unaware that that version existed, but I hear it was the main source of inspiration for the far more well known 1992 version. The Last of the Mohicans recounts the French and Indian War. In the middle of it is a revenge seeking Native American named Magua. Who seeks to kill the daughters of the man responsible for the death of his children. The only man standing in his way is one who walks in both worlds. A white man adopted into the Mohican tribe called Hawkeye. This was actually the first Daniel Day-Lewis movie that I saw. As well as the first movie I saw directed by Michael Mann. Although its complicated history may be hard to understand at times, The Last of the Mohicans makes up for it in easy to understand romance and action. That’s complemented by a very clear message. The title refers to a dying people that should be remembered and never forgotten. Something all Native Americans deserve. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Hawkeye fights with the last of the Mohicans

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