From Mean Girl to Lowlife

The Hot Chick is a cruder version of Freaky Friday. Most of the time I enjoy a good body swap movie, but I’m not the biggest fan of Rob Schneider. Especially ones from Happy Madison Productions. Unlike most body swap movies, The Hot Chick is a pretty one-sided Schneider starring vehicle. Although he swaps with Rachel McAdams, she wouldn’t become a big star until Mean Girls, 2 years later. Ironically, McAdams plays a similar pink loving mean girl named Jessica Spencer. She’s like any other popular teenager who’s mean to the not so popular, but she is shown to have a heart early on.

The Hot Chick surprisingly begins in an early Abyssinian kingdom where the method of swapping bodies is revealed to be a pair of magic earrings. When Jessica swipes them from an African artifact store, she swaps with bumbling lowlife Clive Maxtone. Almost all the attention is given to Jessica trapped in a man’s body. Expect several penis jokes and other cringy gender related hijinks. Although Anna Faris is pretty good as Jessica’s best friend who develops a pseudo-lesbian crush on her/him. Like Big, it’s a catchy clapping song that convinces her.

Of course Jessica does have a boyfriend played by a very uncomfortable Matthew Lawrence. Jessica’s family is pretty over-the-top, but it’s actually her Blasian friend who gets her own subplot for some reason. Adam Sandler, the Mowry twins, and singer Ashlee Simpson all have cameos. McAdams feels like a cameo until Clive is shown working as a stipper until they swap back. I’m immature enough to find some of the jokes funny, but The Hot Chick probably would’ve been a guilty pleasure if I’d seen it sooner.

The Hot Chick

April helps Jessica wax

2 thoughts on “From Mean Girl to Lowlife

  1. Gotta admit I have a soft spot for Rob Schneider, he was good in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. I remember this one being advertised back in the day, looked just a little too silly and ridiculous to me at the time, but if it’s ever on TV, I’ll give it a look.

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