Burning Man

The Wicker Man is unlike any horror movie I’ve seen before. It’s bright, it’s colorful, and it’s filled with music. Half the time it felt more like a musical then a horror movie. Then again this was the 70’s and made in Scotland. So I shouldn’t have expected something like I’m used to here in America. The presence of Christopher Lee is how you know it’s a horror movie. The Wicker Man is by many considered to be either one of the best horror movies or one of the best British movies ever made. I wouldn’t put it on my list, but I can see why people would say that. The Wicker Man plays on the trope of an outsider in a secluded place that seems normal, but hides a dark secret. Police officer and devout christian Neil Howie investigates a missing persons case on a remote island. The people seem normal, but things get progressively stranger. People get drunk, sing regularly, teach inappropriate things, and dance naked in public. It becomes more apparent that the people on this island are practicing pagan rituals. As a christian myself, I could relate to everything the officer was feeling. Unfortunately, The Wicker Man doesn’t have a happy ending. SPOILER ALERT!ย The officer ends up dying inside the burning wicker man. It’s one of the most iconic horror movie endings of all time. However tragic it is, at least he died an unwavered christian and the island’s retribution may come some day. The Wicker Man is truly shocking.


The Wicker Man

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